348 Science, in its investigation of telepathy, has come to the conclusion that it is the result of a refinement of the sense organs, whereby they are able to pick up light or sound vibrations from a distance. But let us take a case in particular. A mental picture appeared to me of a conference between two individuals with whom I was acquainted. I saw the room in which the meeting was taking place very clearly, and the voices of both men were as distinct as if they were standing beside me. There seemed to be the greatest friendliness between them, and their transaction appeared to be of the most sincere and amiable character. But I became aware that a deception was being premeditated by one of the men.
348 科学はテレパシーを調査した結果、それが感覚器官を純化させ、遠方からの光や音を捕捉できるようになった結果であるとの結論に達しました。しかし、ある事例を特に取り上げましょう。私に私が知り合った二人の人物の間の協議の場面の映像が現れたのです。私にはその会合がもたれた部屋がとてもはっきり見えましたし、二人の男の声もあたかも二人が私のそばにいるように明確でした。彼らの間にはこの上ない友好的な雰囲気があり、彼らのやりとりは大変誠実で好意的な性質のものでした。しかし、私は彼らの内一人によってある策略が企てられていることに気付いたのです。