239 Exercise 1. Two people can experiment with sending and receiving messages. Try this while in the same room, then at a distance; confining your attempts to simple impressions at first. When you are the "sender," form the mental picture clearly in your mind, then release it. Do not concentrate! Concentration does not add power to your thought, but rather interferes with it through the tension it creates in your mind. This is fully explained in Part ・ of this course. The recipient should remain relaxed, allowing his thoughts to flow freely. It is considered a good average if at first you can successfully exchange three out of five impressions.
239  練習1. メッセージの送り手と受け手の2名で実験出来ます。最初は単純な印象に試みを限定し、同じ部屋の中で試した後、次に離れて行います。貴方が「送り手」の時には貴方の心の中に明確な心像を作り上げた後、それを放出します。集中してはいけません。このことはこのコースの第3部に完璧に述べられています。受け手はリラックスを保ち、自分の想念が自由に流れさせるようにしなければなりません。最初は5つの内、3つのやりとりが成功すれば、良い打率だと考えられます。