207 These are but a few examples of what I meant when I referred to impressions as being from effect to effect. This thought can be enlarged upon almost indefinitely; the only limitation placed on it is the scope of our imaginations. Each person should search thoughtfully into his daily life, recognizing and studying as many of these examples as possible. The key to opening the consciousness to commune with the Cosmos, is a thorough, impartial analysis and understanding of . . . mind. For it is through consciousness man expresses; so the better his understanding of the many pases of creation which are capable of influencing his mind - both from within the body, and from space itself - the more comprehensive will be his understanding of Cosmic Cause.
207 これらは、私が結果から結果への印象と表現した時に意味したことの多少の事例でしかありません。この考えはほぼ無限に拡大出来ます。唯一置かれた限界は私達の想像力の限界です。各自はこれらの事例を可能な限り多く見つけ出し、学びながら自分の日常生活を注意深く調べ上げるべきなのです。各自の意識を大宇宙との交流に開くカギは、......心を完璧に片寄らず分析し、理解することです。何故なら、人が表現するのは意識を通じてであるからで、肉体の内からと宇宙自体の両方から自分の心に影響を与えることが出来る多くの創造の歩みを良く理解すればするほど、大宇宙の因の理解は幅広いものとなるでしょう。