165 We have conceived the idea of a universal language among men because we are aware of being able to understand the human voice and have developed the habit of expecting the voice of man to interpret for our benefit the thought which passes through his mind, but we have not included in our efforts of unification any but the man kingdom. Why should this be so, for are the sounds which make up the various languages so different than those of nature itself? As the different races of men speak with various sounds and combination of sounds; each form of life in this world does the same, yet we do not seek to understand them. Man has limited himself to one phase of life and has closed the door upon the vastness of the Cosmos. This is due to the fact that he has given recognition only to the mortal senses which gain their impressions from outer things. He expects to hear only those sounds that are coarse enough to affect the physical organ of hearing and so he loses the ability to interpret the cosmic language as a whole. And what is this cosmic language? It is conscious feeling - the voice that speaks through every form and which, therefore, unites All into an inseparable unit. There is nothing in the cosmos that cannot speak to man with the voice of conscious feeling and there is not one thing that cannot understand that language. It speaks as clearly through the smallest thing as it does through the greatest.
165 私達は人間の間にある宇宙普遍の言語についてのアイデアを思い付いて来ました。何故なら私達は人間の声を理解出来、自分の心を通過する想念を私達のためになるよう翻訳しようとする習慣を発達させて来たからです。しかし私達は私達の統合化の努力を人間界のみに留めて来ました。何故そうなってしまったのでしょう。様々な言語を作り上げる音は自然自体の音とは違い過ぎるからでしょうか。様々な異なる人間は異なる音や音の組み合わせで話しますし、この世界の各々の生きものも同じことをしますが、私達は彼らを理解しようとはしません。人は自分自身を生命の一つの側面に限定させており、宇宙の広大さのドアを閉めているのです。これは印象を外部のものから得る死すべき感覚のみに認知を与えて来た事実によるものです。人は肉体の聴覚に影響を与える程の粗い音声のみを聞き分けることを期待しており、その結果、全体としての宇宙的言語を翻訳する能力を失っています。そしてこの宇宙的言語とは何でしょうか。それは意識的フィーリング、あらゆる形あるものを通じて語られる声であり、それ故、全てを離れられない単位に結びつけるものです。それは、最も大きなものを通じるのと同様に、最も小さなものを通しても明確に話し掛けています。