155 Relaxation reduces the friction within the body by eliminating the resistance of one cell-form to another. For instance, if a large number of fish were placed in a very small bowl there would be constant friction due to the inevitable contact between them, and the action of each would be retarded because of the congested condition existing within the bowl; but if these same fish were released into a large pool they would swim about easily without interference with one another. They would be in a position to use the potential energy which they possess. The cells in the body act in the same manner and it is the mortal sense mind which must release them for free execution of their purpose.
155 リラクセイションは、細胞と細胞との抵抗を取り除くことによって、肉体内の摩擦を低減します。例えば沢山の魚がとても小さな鉢に置かれたら、それらの間には避けがたい接触に起因する恒常的な摩擦が生じるでしょうし、各々の行動はその鉢の中の混み合った状況のため、遅らされることでしょう。しかし、これら同じ魚が大きな池に放たれるなら、魚達は互いに干渉されることなく、たやすく泳ぎ回ることでしょう。彼らは自分達が持つ秘めたエネルギーを用いる立場になることでしょう。肉体の中の細胞も同様な行動を取りますし、細胞もそれらの目標に向けて解放しなければならないのは、死すべき感覚心なのです。